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 Quick Tips

Quick Tips

Quick tips to Help you during a motorcycle breakdown

In this blog we tell you the best tips that help you in case of a Motorbike breakdown,

Let’s say your worst nightmare as Motorbike rider has come true, your Motorbike stops in the middle of an unknown road, it won’t start, you are alone, with no help in sight, what will you do; who will you call, how will you manage, cause let me tell you, when you Ride, even the most well serviced motorcycle can breakdown.

To Prepare you for the issues on the road, We as a company decided we should give our fellow riders some quick tips they can follow in case their Motorcycle breaks down in the middle of nowhere;

Without ranting too much let’s dive into tips below;

First Tip or Tip No 1: Carry a Small kit for Minor Repairs

This may feel a bit technical to some riders, well let us assure it’s not. Learning is key here, once you’re on the road, you are most likely to face minor breakdowns, unfortunately help is not available all the time, you might need to tackle those situations yourself, to manage these situations we recommend you to keep a small repair kit in hand.

Learning simple skills to manage minor repairs will go a long way in managing emergency situations on the road, to perform these urgent repairs, the kit should include, a small toolkit, Tyre inflator, Charger, Puncture kit, Jump starter.

All these products clutched in a bag may sound too much, but believe us, every tool you keep is important, with all these tools in hand, you will be able to perform simple repairs on your motorbike till you reach a certain place where you can get the motorbike checked properly.

Let’s move on to Tip No 2: Keep Reflector Clothing and Emergency Sign with you

This tip might be inconsequential for most people, though it might turn out to be important one if you’re stuck in the middle of the road especially at night when the visibility is low.

Unfortunately the roads in most places in our country are poorly lit. The Sheer no of accidents which occur due to poor lighting are abnormally high in our country, when you’re stranded on a Road, especially a busy one, you need to be visible to the incoming traffic, any sort of low visibility might become a matter of life or death.

To protect yourself in this situation, we advise you to either buy protective gear with built-in reflectors or wear separate reflective clothing to keep yourself safe, it can be a vest, trouser or shoes with reflectors attached to them, you can keep an emergency sign with you at all times to safely park your vehicle on the side of the road.

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